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The Difference Between Tinting and Microblading Your Eyebrows


Tinting is a semi-permanent solution for people who want to darken or enhance the color of their eyebrows. It is a process where dye is applied directly to the eyebrow hairs, which gives them a darker and fuller look. This method can last up to 6 weeks and is relatively inexpensive compared to other methods of eyebrow enhancement.


Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique that involves using tiny needles to create thin, hair-like strokes in the skin. The pigment used in microblading is designed to match your natural brow color and lasts up to 18 months before needing touch ups. Microblading can be an expensive procedure but it can also give you the most natural looking results.


Tinting typically costs less than microblading as it does not require the same level of skill or precision as microblading does. However, microblading typically lasts longer and provides more natural looking results than tinting does so this should be taken into consideration when deciding which option is best for you.


Tinting requires regular touch ups every 6 weeks while microblading only requires occasional touch ups every 18 months or so in order to maintain its natural look. This makes microblading a great option for those who don’t want to worry about frequent maintenance appointments in order to keep their eyebrows looking perfect all year round!

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